Equipment Repair

We can service Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Vertex, and More. From handhelds to repeaters we can fix most of your radio equipment issues.

Certified Tower Crew

With a Comtrain certified tower crew on staff with decades of climbing experience we can take care of any tower job you have.

Vintage Equipment Repair

We love tubes just as much as you do! We can repair most Tube Radios.

Ham radio Discounts

Most of our staff are also ham radio operators, so we understand. Discounts apply to everything from tower builds to radio repairs.

Pager Repair and support.

Yeah pagers, people still use them and we still support them.

Refurbished Equipment

Take a look at our Ebay Store where we have inhouse refurbished equipment to get your project going with out breaking the bank.

Office Network and Phone support

We can install, upgrade, and maintain most computer and Telephone system for small to large companies.