Customized Telecommunications

From building a reliable paging system to small business office network support, JP Telecomm provides specialized telecommunications services for the Inland Northwest.


Our experienced team builds and maintains broadcast systems, radio towers, paging systems, telephone systems, and computer networks.


We source, repair, and maintain both new and old equipment for HAM radio projects, paging systems, and just about any telecommunications technology.


Something here about how the team is certified, experienced, and knows what the heck they are doing in just about any situation.

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Radio Tower Services

A note here about radio tower work

HAM Discounts

The HAM community rocks, and so we give them discounts.

Repairs & Programming

Note here about programming and “I have this / does it do this”

If it communicates, we’ll likely work on it.

One of our most common questions is “do you work on…?” The short answer is, if it is designed to help people communicate, we likely do. We’ll be happy to talk with you about any project you’re imagining.